Hey y’all!  I’ve a group of contemporaries and friends review some of my books.  Following are their reviews of my works.  If there is a link to their web pages or blogs, please visit their pages and give them some love too!

By Fiona — An Author Interview

I have posted our interview and here is the link

Rosebud on the Farm:   I had the privilege of being a guest blog post on a contemporary’s blog.  Following is a link to her site, featuring my post:  http://advicefromacaterpillar.wordpress.com/.  We discussed one of my children’s novellas as well as a question/answer session.​

Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern Belle

​5 of 5 stars — “A Very Personal Story” by T. Dewhirst

When the author sent me this book to read, I thought I wouldn’t be able to identify with the subject matter. I don’t, really. I cannot comprehend the depth of pain that caused the author to contemplate the things she did – cutting and suicide. I can’t comprehend them, but now, thanks to this narrative, I better understand. In a beautiful and impactful story written in a stream of conciousness style, the authors shares the deeply personal and traumatic moments of her life. The strength it takes to try to help others in this way in something that I greatly respect.

Not only does the author share her own story of living with abuse, rape, suicide attempts, cutting, she gives the reader who may be going through similiar things hope. The author finds deep reassurance in faith but also in techniques that she outlines for readers that may be going through the same things. Even for those of us not quite so in the depths of despair, the author offers helpful tips for coping with the day to day.  I am so moved by this book and I know that others will be too. If you have someone in your life who needs help, pick this book up for them. It could change their lives.

4 of 5 stars — “Memoir of life’s struggles and lessons learnt” by Peter Lo

Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern Belle begins with a memoir of life’s struggles and lessons learnt. The author also takes us through the life of a Southern Belle, born and raised in the South.

In the initial narrative, author offloads lot of baggage in an emotional suitcase. Skeleton seem to have many avatars Skeleton Insecurity, Skeleton Fear, Skeleton Water, Skeleton Cutter

Towards the end, author gives several tips on coping with depression, hard times, or sorrow with dignity. The book ends with positive thoughts.

3.5 of 5 Stars — “My Skeletons” by Jeff Dawson

This is a two part book. The first part describes her life and the inner battles she fought day-to-day. The second part details how she overcame the darkness and resurfaced to understand life is a gift and is well worth traveling.

This is more of a diary than a book. The author Jilda Leigh is going to take you on a frightful journey of suicide, depression and helplessness. This journey is not for the weak of heart, yet if you have ever felt alone and unwanted, you will relate to the writing. She pulls no punches describing the inner demons which continually laugh and jeer at her as her depression and hopelessness take her to the depths of “no return.” They sit by her side night and day, taunting and reminding her how insignificant she is. They scoff at the failed attempts to end her life. They are relentless. How many of us would have the courage to keep living knowing we had failed in every venture we ever undertook: work, marriage, life in general? The pain would be too much to endure.

I don’t like being critical of anyone’s personal travels through life, but this one needs some cleaning-up. The material is by all means five stars. How many people have wanted to put down and describe their most intimate and personal travels through life for all to read? Not many, because the pain and the memories scare the hell out of us. Many would agree that it is best to leave it in the past. For others (myself included), we write the stories to let others know there is hope no matter how dark the tunnel appears. If one person benefits from the writing, mission accomplished. Jilda accomplishes this message very well.

My only problem was in the development and presentation. I believe if she would tell the story in two complete parts, the impact would be phenomenal. As it stands, she starts sprinkling in how she pulled herself out the abyss with the different sites and counseling she sought out. The information is great, but I felt it interfered with engaging the reader as the help she so desperately sought, started to materialize. The information is very poignant and required, just not in the middle of the story.

If you or someone you know is hurting or struggling in life, pick-up a copy. You may save a life.

5 of 5 Stars — “Shadows and Skeletons” by Mandy Trouten

Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern Belle is a very personal and in-depth view of personality disorders stemming from PTSD. Jilda captured well the abuse and the emotions surrounding abuse. In addition to the perspective, she offers some valuable ideas on ways to cope with and heal from these and similar disorders.


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