Guest Post — Author Mandy Trouten, “Maybe Today”

Guest blog — Author Mandy Trouten. I am a full-time anti-abuse advocate.  It’s my life.  In my “free time”, I like to read, write, network, play computer games and watch TV.  I love music.  I play it most of the time, usually country.   I didn’t always want to be a writer. I grew up dreaming of being an architect.  I enjoy writing, editing (the first time around) and marketing.   My favorite part these days is writing.  My least favorite, I would guess, would be the marketing now, if only because it’s such a tough crowd.

I like getting published.  I write everywhere these days.  Maybe Today was written on my pc, a pc at the library, in a 3-ring notebook, on receipt paper at work and in the notes section of my cellphone.  Sometimes, I do need help getting in the mood to write.  Usually, the right music will do it, depending on what scene I’m writing, thought I’ll use just about anything for inspiration.

Maybe Today is a novel about a  Christian teen who moves to a new school district and immediately begins to experience peer sexual abuse.  She reports it over and over again, but it just continues as the adults in her life pretend not to see/hear anything. The story itself begins two years later, shortly before her decision to start taking things into her own hands. In doing this, Lauren has to decide how to make the abuse stop without doing anything illegal in the process and without losing track of who she wants to be. It seems like an impossible choice, but she knows there has to be a way.

My decision to take this direction for a story plot is because I took what happened to me, I wished had happened and what I was afraid would happen. Then, I factored in some of what happened in a couple lawsuits I researched in college. The rest was just a matter of what I wanted to happen in the book.

Readers can find Author Mandy Trouten at:


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