Craig Dressler — Author of “Hafren: A Fantasy For The Young At Heart”

It is my pleasure to introduce to y’all a gentleman and author of “Hafren: A Fantasy For The Young At Heart” — Mr. Craig Dressler!!  Author Craig Dressler tells me that he was blessed to be raised in a family that attended church and sent us to Christian schools even though most of it was ritualistic in nature.  In high school, he rebelled and for several years tried finding peace in a various belief systems.  Only after returning to his Christian roots and making Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord did he find the peace he was seeking.  Since then, Author Craig Dressler has taught overseas and in Christian institutions in the U.S.  In addition, he has written several books.

Craig said when he was in high school, he read The Lord of the Rings and from then my steps have been directed towards writing.  His favorite part about being an author is twofold: One is discovery of characterization, plot, etc. in the writing process.  The second is when a completed book is released.  He enjoys the input of certain editors which has helped him grow as an author.  Craig has  also enjoyed the covers created for my books.

Mostly Craig write at a desk facing a window with a view.  He finds he writes best early in the morning and seldom have a problem with writer’s block.  Thus far, most of Craig’s  plots have come simply during the writing process.  Because he has written both fiction and nonfiction and for both teens and adults his themes have been varied.   Craig has written about ten books.  A few have yet to be published.

Craig’s favorite book is generally the one he is working on at the time.  Right now, it is Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart.  The names from Hafren: A Fantasy… came somewhat out of his collegiate linguistic training.  The location is made up.  His favorite scenes are generally celebratory ones after a battle won or after an accomplishment.  There isn’t one particular character he identifies with because Craig can relate to almost all of the positive characters in some way.

After this background information, I asked Craig some off-the-wall questions, just for fun.  I thought you might be interested in his responses.

1)     What song, movie, or book  best fits your life, and why?  One movie I particularly like is The Inn of the Sixth Happiness which is an inspiring missionary story.  I would like my life to be as inspiring.

2)      If you could have only one book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?  Of course, the one book I couldn’t live without is the Bible.

3)      Which cartoon character do you mostly associate yourself with, and why?  The cartoon character I would choose to be is the Roadrunner because he always avoids trouble.  Personally, I am not that fast.

4)      What color do you think you would be, and why?  I like the color green best because it reminds me of being out in the forests of my native Pacific Northwest.

5)      What is your favorite food, and why?  Pizza is my favorite food because I like tomato sauce and cheese.

6)      What flavor Kool-Aid are you, and why?  Drinking the Kool-Aid is something I avoid, so I don’t really have an answer.

7)      If you had to live without your car or your computer, which would you choose and why?  I would probably pick my computer, but it would be a tough choice.

8)      IF you have to live without your cell phone or books, which would you choose and why?  Living without a cell phone would be my choice.

9)      How old were you when you started writing (in a journal, or stories, etc.)  I started writing about my mid-twenties but always seemed to enjoy reading novels.

10)  Do you have any funny stories from your childhood that you will share?  When I was a kid, we would visit my uncle who had a horse.  That horse behaved fine when my uncle was around but would buck me off as soon as my uncle left.

11)  What is your favorite thing to do to relax?  I enjoy reading Christian novels to relax.

12)  If you had to be one of your characters, which would you be and why?  In Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart I would like to be the character Knoh because he always has the right answer.

13)  Right now, what books are you reading?  One of the books I am reading now is entitled That None Should Perish.

14)  When you read, do you read online, on a Nook/Kindle, paperback, etc?  I prefer reading paperbacks or hardbacks.

15)  Where do you normally read?  When I read, I am normally sitting on my couch in my apartment.

If you would like to get in touch with Craig Dressler, you can reach him at to and leave a message for him.


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