Tarek Refaat – Author of “Ruptured”

I have the pleasure of interviewing Author Tarek Refaat.  We’re going to let him tell us his story.

“I am an Egyptian Author, Married to a Beautiful wife and have 2 lovely daughters, I work in the field of Information Technology and Telecom.  I Live in Cairo a very busy and interesting city, I started writing since I was thirteen but didn’t take the decision to actually go for publishing until three or four years ago.”

If you could have only one book for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Reach for the sky.  It changed my life since it evolved how a crippled man became a second world war ace, and on top of that played golf and never walked with a stick!”

If I had to be a cartoon character, I think I would be Bugs Bunny.  I like his wittiness!  Blue would be the color I would choose for myself, it’s such a clear color and brings so much peace to me, despite that it also represents great sadness.  I enjoy a large variety of foods, but my much favored is Chinese.  I like how it tastes!  The spices are just great.

If you had to live without your car or your computer, which would you choose and why?  If you had to live without your cell phone or books, which would you choose and why?

“My computer!  I could still write on paper!  But without my car, going anywhere would be hellish!  My cell phone all the way!  I simply can’t live without books!!”  When I was thirteen, I started writing, but not stories, more or less thoughts.  When I was 15, and I first took the book Reach for the Sky from my father, I kept reading it so much I walked around the house literally with it, at the point I hit the wall!”

“My favorite thing to do to relax is dim the room lights and have a good book, and a cup of chocolate!  I was asked about my characters, and if I had to be one, I would by the Psychiatrist in ‘Ruptured’ — Karam, I believe I always have this sense of wanting to restore justice to those who are unfairly treated.”

“Right now, I am reading the book ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Iaacson.   I am currently working on a book to be published called ‘Ribbons & Heels’, the story of four different women and their adventures in life.  I believe I have always had the thoughts of being an author popping in and out of my head since I was age 22.  My favorite part is the writing!  But, also that moment when some of your readers gets so much grabbed into the story they would actually come and have an argument with you about how could this character say this or that!  That moment I just feel it got to them!  The difficult part is reaching the audience and getting as much feedback as possible, or as much as I would like.  I like being reviewed and finding that my work actually is interesting to people.”

“I write anywhere.  I have no specific location, if it pops in my head I just write it, if not then on paper, if not then I struggle to keep the thought in my head to the nearest point which I could write it.  I didn’t actually decide on a story plot.  I was actually writing a set of short stories completely separated then one day I decided to put all the characters together.  That’s for ‘Ribbons & Heels’  My books tend to be more socially oriented, I guess.  So far, I have written two books.”

“My character’s names just came out of environment and working in a multinational company has given me a bit of a chance to meet a lot of people which supplied me with a lot of names!  Locations, that’s an easy one since Cairo’s quite a large city.  My favorite scene in the books is from the 1st book ‘Ruptured‘ when Karam holds the publisher at gun point!  Douglas Badar, who is a real person and a character in one of my books, deceased unfortunately, but I just sometimes feel I wish I could have met him.”

Please let our readers know how they can get hold of you.

e-mail : tarek.h.refaat@live.com

facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tarek-Refaat/142437057778

Twitter :  energizre


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