Book Reviews

Ruptured — Tarek Refaat
5 of 5 Stars

This book moved me greatly! Author Tarek Refaat takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of a young rape victim as she struggles to come to terms, to the horror of what has happened to her. Our heroine lives in a society where women who are raped are viewed not as victims, but instead becomes scorned, defiled, and ultimately loses her status in her community.

Author Tarek Refaat portrayed this woman’s point of view so well that you feel her frustration, her shame, her pain, her helplessness and you become so involved in the lack of compassion in her community. You, the reader, become wrapped in her pain and helplessness with her. Author Tarek Refaat shines a glaring light on a subject that most authors shy away from: rape. Rape is a deplorable and despicable act anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately, society often reacts different in many places, but the feelings and reactions of the victim are stay the same, and are universal.

Tarek Refaat’s debut novel is filled with feeling, compassion and understanding of a tender subject. I expect Author Tarek Refaat will succeed at everything he touches his hand to, as an author. Well done.


Flavors of Faith — Tom Heil
4 of 5 Stars

Flavors of Faith by Tom Heil was a pleasant surprise. It was a refreshing departure from the normal books on faith. It was lighthearted in places, and charming. The writer took me places I had not considered previously. It restored my faith, truly restored it.

I enjoyed the opening scenario of faith being compared to flavors of ice cream. How we, as human,s choose and take the parts we are comfortable with. But, faith is believing in the not-knowing. Ultimately, that is the message from the author.

This was a wonderful read. I would like to have had the theme throughout the entire book. But the story was especially well written and the subject matter was refreshing.


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