My Books

I have written six books, to date.  The first book is currently in print-on-demand paperback as well as eBook — “Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern Belle”.  “Animals in the Fridge”, “Rosebud on the Farm”, and “Rosebud and Hannah Learn to Haul Hay” are all as eBooks.  These were all written with love, with the reader in mind.

Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern Belle is an autobiography/memoir about my life and struggles as a woman dealing with mental and physical illnesses.  The book takes the reader on a journey from the pits of despair to the light.  Weaving a tale that deals with bipolar depression, obsessive-complusive disorder and “PTSD”.  The book takes the reader on the journey through the rise and fall of depression, and then to the heights of my quest to learn as much as I can about mental illness.  From traditional medicine, Zen Buddism and Christianity, I learn to cope with the strains and stress of my illnesses in a positive way.  I give information to help anyone dealing with depression, hard times, or sorrow with dignity and positive thoughts.

Animals in the Fridge is a delightful children’s book that chronicles the children’s adventures.  From elephants to monkeys, dinosaurs to dragons, the children learn that you can make a friend anywhere and anytime.  This is the first in the “Rosebud” series.  Rosebud is our major character, or heroine.  She manages to have the grandest adventures!

Rosebud on  the Farm is the second in the series.  This fun-filled book introduces us to a new set of characters as friends.  They visit YaYa’s farm, and learn how to select plants and plant a garden.  Eventually, they are able to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of their labor!

Rosebud and Hannah Learn to Haul Hay is the third book in the series.  In this book, the reader is introduced to Hannah (the church mouse), who is Rosebud’s very best friend in the whole big world.  Hannah will be joining Rosebud for all the adventures.  The cast of characters is varied, and some farmers lend a hand.  They children learn how to stack hay, and the process involved in having hay to feed the farm cows on YaYa’s farm.

Rosebud and Hanna at the Calf Birthing is the fourth book in this series.  In this book, the children are back for another whirlwind adventure on the farm.  This time, there are calf babies!  Rosebud and Hannah learn how to wait (impatiently), what’s involved in birth, and how to survive as a new calf.

Voices of the Past deals with the auditory hallucinations I have.  It contains first-hand experiences, what I hear, and resources that the reader can use.  It also contains some helpful information for families and loved ones of people who hear voices.


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