About Me

My name is Jilda Leigh and I’ve had the privilege of being born and bred in the South.  I grew up, and  have lived my entire life in a small community called Killian, South Carolina.  As the Brooks & Dunn song goes, “life begins and ends on the red dirt road.”  True statement indeed.

I have one beautiful daughter and four gorgeous grandchildren.  I am in the middle of five living generations.  We all live within about a 6 mile radius of each other, on the compound.  None of us live too far from the compound.  That’s were my life is.  This is where my roots are.

I enjoy watercolor painting, am an avid Jimmy Buffett fan (you know us Parrotheaeds), a football junky (Go Gamecocks!), and a big fan of anything my momma cooks!  Music is a must!  My music library is vast and very eclectic.  I listen to everything from Duke Ellington and Etta James to Linkin Park and Metallica.  If there isn’t music in my day, there’s a problem somewhere because I’m thinking too much.   , I am an avid writer, a voracious reader.  I read every day – about a book a day.


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